Live Betting Apps Features

You can bet on a game before it starts, but live betting gives you the chance to get better odds and bigger payouts. The table shows the best betting apps for in-play betting, so you can take advantage of the exciting live betting on your phone.

What Should Live Betting Apps Be Able to Do?

A good live betting software should give you high-quality services, such as covering all of the most popular markets, offering competitive in-play odds, accepting live bets quickly and without delays, and paying out quickly once the bets are over. Keep reading for an in-depth look at the best app features for live betting at 22bet.

Markets For Live Betting

Most betting apps have trouble setting up a reliable live betting platform. Because of this, some bookmaker apps choose to focus on only a few popular sports. You should be able to use a live betting app that lets you bet on a lot of different things as they happen. There should also be a schedule of all the current and upcoming matches, so you can bet live on any sport you want at the time that works best for you.

Statistics Section

The best sports betting apps have a live statistics section that gives you real-time, well-researched information about previous games and trends. This lets you make live bets that will give you the results you want and big payouts. Most bookmaker apps don’t have a live statistics section, but all of the best apps give you quick and useful live statistics during an event.

Streaming In Real Time

addiction concept: using the computer to online betting

Live streaming is a popular trend right now, so most online bookies are working hard to add it to their sites. The service makes live betting better, and the best live betting apps can be used to access it. With a reliable live streaming service, you can watch HD broadcasts of sports games in real time.

Teams Overview

Give detailed statistical profiles for each player and team so that people can bet with confidence. The more important it is to show information with infographics and be able to compare the results of different athletes and teams, the better the overview.


Users should be able to make their profiles unique, choose their favorite categories, and turn off unnecessary features and sports-related categories. Also, it’s important to choose the betting model and the different types of bets. If needed, it should be easy to change these features.

Social Media Integration

The use of the most popular social media sites is another basic but very important part. Users can find their friends and add more things to the game, which makes it feel more crowded.